About Us

About us A.S.K.N is an English medium school for Girls affiliated (In 1995) to CBSE upto +2 Level. The school is located at Krishna Vihar, Transport Nagar, New Bypass Road, Patna. The campus of the school is surrounded by well developed eco friendly plantations. The school has safe and secure (under surveillance of CCTV) hostel facility and Science and Commerce Faculties at +2 Level. The school has its own transport with a fleet of 50 buses giving home services. The buses are well provided by attender, first aid equipments, cameras and mobile phones with gps systems and reach the students not only within the city but also all the adjoining areas of Patna. The school's hostel offers high class boarding facility that makes pupil feel at home. There is 24x7 medical facility and the boarders get extra coaching classes sports yoga, and music trainings.

Acharya Shri Sudarshan Ji Maharaj

आचार्य  श्री  सुदर्शन  जी  महाराज


(Chairman - our Source of Inspiration)


                                    Name                 :          Dr.Yugal Kishor Sudarshan also known as

                                                                              “Acharyashri Sudarshan Ji Maharaj”

Birth Place         :         Mubarakpur (Sitamarhi)

Date of Birth      :         2nd June 1937

Education          :          M.A (Ph.D) ''Vidya Vachaspati'', 

                                    ''Sahitya Visharad'', ''Sahitya  Ratna''....


 Founder Chairman cum Patron

           1. Dr. Y.K. Sudarshan Krishna Singh Educational Foundation Trust (Regd.)

           2. Krishna Sudarshan Charitable Trust

           3. Acharya Sudarshan Foundation

           4. Hamen Bhi Padhao Educational Foundation

           5. Atma Kalyan Kendra Gurgaon

           6. Patna Central School Society

           7. Krishna Niketan Girls School Society

           8. Acharya Sudarshan Vidyapeeth Sitamarhi

           9. Maa Jagtarni Shaktipeeth, Sitamarhi

          10. Acharya Sudarshan Lions Eye Hospital, Sitamarhi

   11. Gitanjali -:       Musical Concert (Based on the devotional series of songs

                                composed by Acharyashri Sudarshan Ji Maharaj)

           12. Acharya Sudarshan Sports and Cultural Foundation.

           13. Acharya Sudarshan Talent Award.

           14. Acharya Sudarshan B.Ed College, Sitamarhi


Published Book    -:   120 books authored by him “Sudarshan Ramayan” and

                                 ''Gita'' are masterpieces till date.

Travelling              -:   Mauritius ,England, Netherland, Germany, Switzerland,

                                   France, South  Africa (Durban and Johanesberg).

Religious Discourses -:  For last two decades deliverance of more than 3000

                                      religious discourses....